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Organizational Heads


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Simon e' Dharme
First of the Society of the Shadowed Hand

Human, 12th Level Thief, NE

Faeil Dar, Confederacy of Sheinar

Few would suspect that this young, attractice actor was actually the head of an organization as nefarious as the Shadowed Hand.  And it is precisely for this reason that he has been so successful.   Disarmingly attractive and wealthy, thievery is just another of the dozens of games he plays to keep himself thrilled.  A womanizer of the greatest magnitude, it is believed he has a dozen unsuspecting women he "loves"; a collector, he has stolen works of art and ancient magical artifacts stored away in secret places only he knows.  He is distrusting man who can act a friend, a cold assassin who can become a warm lover.
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Shennan Vaeldre
Commen of the Unsheathed Blade

Human, 7th Level Fighter, LG

Faeil Dar and Conmaeir, Confederary of Sheinar

The only all-female mercenary company, the 35 strong Unsheathed Blade is under the able leadership of Shennan Vaeldre.   A former 2nd Leften in the Confederate EdgeWatch, she became disheartened at the patriarchial system that prevented her from rising further in the ranks.  Taking other liked minded women with her, she formed the Unsheathed Blade over ten years ago.   Of all the mercenary companies in Sheinar, it is the most reputed for the skill, honest, and loyalty of its members.  Caravan merchants, once overcoming their prejudice against female mercenaries, prefer to hire the Unsheathed Blade.  It is said that the members of the Unsheathed Blade are the only ones who can be trusted to not steal what they are supposed to be protecting.

Too stern to be considered pretty, Shennan is a handsome woman.  Though taking many lovers, she is too wedded to the Unsheathed Blades to commit to a single man.  This loyalty and caring is rewarded in that her followers are equally loyal to her.  Most would be willing to die, and more importantly, kill for her.  Because of her reputation, men have petitioned her to join the Unsheathed Blade.  Considering a man in the company a jinx, she has yet to accept one. 


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