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Geography and Demographics



The Confederacy of Sheinar physically rests on three large islands that float above the surface of the planet.  Together, the three islands have a surface area of approximately 1800 square miles.  Physically, the islands are mainly covered with plains of  grass and scrubland  with a few rolling hills and lightly wooded forests. 

The largest of the islands is known as Sheinar and is the only one to have a fresh water lake.  Lake Shein is  located in the southeast of Sheinar, and bordered by the relatively heavy forest, Gylwood.  A few miles south of the lake   lies Ethaech Yel, the largest of the confederate city-states.  The cities of Conmaeir to the northwest and Faeil Dar to the northeast are the two other city-states on Sheinar.  

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The other two islands, equal in size to each other, are Kendun and Dhurban.   Kendun, named after the only city-state on it, is a miniature physical replica of Sheinar without the lake;  in contrast, Dhurban is a long island with its namesake city-state to the north and Shemaeir to the south.  South of Dhurban lie two smaller islands, mere fragments of land, that appear to have broken from it in earlier times and are slowly drifting away.


The Confederacy of Sheinar has a population of approximately 700,000 sentient species.  The vast majority are human (70%), followed by elves (15%), dwarves (10%), and a mix of other sentient races (5%).  While only ten percent of the population lives in the cities, this urban population is almost entirely human.  The Elves prefer to live a semi-nomadic tribal lifestyle in the woodlands and grasslands, while the dwarves have claimed the hills for themselves.  Contact between the races is common, but infrequent, and they live in a semblance of peace. 

Humans The humans of the confederate islands stand an average of 5' 6" tall, with only minimal variation.   They are generally  sturdy folk with dusky skin tones, dark hair and dark eyes.  Other variations in appearance are based on cultural considerations.

Ar' Athån (Elves) The elven folk are generally taller than their human brethren, averaging 6' in height, with thin builds that make them appear lanky in comparison.  Their skin tones are often dark and ruddy with green or blue eyes and blonde, red, or black hair.    Unlike humans, the elves are of a similar cultural stock and show little variation. 

Thjadrir (Dwarves) The dwarves of the confederacy are short and well muscled, averaging 4'8" tall.  As with their elven and human brethren, they have dark skin tones, with black or brown hair and dark eyes.  As with elves, the dwarves are of a similar cultural stock and show even less variation than the elves.

Game Notes

Humans As in the Player's Handbook.

Elves Although living longer than humans, the Ar' Athån lack the longevity found in typical AD&D elves.  If using the Elven Handbook, the Ar' Athån are wood/wild elves. The main difference is that player characters receive the  +1 to dexterity without the -1 to constitution.

Dwarves  As in the Player's Handbook.

Half-elves  Although inter-species coupling is possible, it is extremely rare due to cultural considerations and any progeny of a elf and human coupling will take on the characteristics of the mother, either being born completely human or completely elven.

Gnomes and Halflings  These two races do not exist in this game world as player character races. As NPC races, they are a sub-species of dwarves, not found in the confederacy.


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