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Military NPC's



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Aeric of House Mysorrend
High Commen of the Confederate Aerolierian Watch

Human, 12th Level Cavalier, LG

Conmaeir, Confederacy of Sheinar

Born of peasant blood, Aeric rose through the ranks of the military to his current position.  Over time, he accrued titles and wealth, eventually founding a merchant house.  A stern, but fair man, he is well-liked and respected by his peers and subordinates.  Like most Conmaeiri, he is staid and follows strictly to a personal code of honor.  His loyalty is first to the confederacy and then his men, and in this he not one to compromise.  Those few who have attempted to bribe or blackmail him have served as examples of the consequences of such actions.
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1st Leften, Confederate EdgeWatch, Ethaech Yel Detachment

Human,  4th Level Fighter, Lawful Neutral

Ethaech Yel, Confederacy of Sheinar

A quietly reflective man who seems to detest military life and battle, Vaector has chosen the military as a career; of humble origins, he is currently in command of the elite Ethaech Yel Detachment of the Confederate Watch,.  He is respected by his men, but his distant and cold demeanor often prevent them from truly liking him.  For some reason, he prefers it that way.  He has few friends in the EdgeWatch or out of it, rarely engages with others except when necessary.  He issues commands without explanation or comment, and follows them in the same manner. 
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Karyl of House Densaon
2nd Prelate, Dioedic Warden

Human, 6th Level Fighter, Lawful Evil

Ethaech Yel, Confederacy of Sheinar

Originally from Conmaeir, Karyl trained with the EdgeWatch before joining the Dioedic Wardens, a small military body whose purpose it is to control inserruction and internal strife in the confederacy.   Although not a high ranking officer, she is completely and absolutely loyal to the Dioedic Mandates.  Following the letter of the law, she can be brutal and compassionless in enforcing the mandates.  She cares little for the manner in which she is perceived; she cares naught for rank or authority, swearing fealty to the Dioedic Mandates.  If the presence of Dioedic Wardens causes chills in the hardiest of soldiers, her presence freezes them. 

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