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Political Powers



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Byren D' Arleyn
Marshal Prelate of the Fist of ∆ol
High Dioedic Seat of Shemaeir

Human, 12th Level Cleric, NG

Shemaeir, Confederacy of Sheinar

The Eldest son of house D' Arleyn, Byren was meant to become the patriarch of the house, but instead left to become a Claerec.  He was disowned by his father and left penniless and friendless.  As if in a vengeance, he rose in the ranks of the Fist of ∆ol to become a Marshal Prelate.   Using his power in the temple hierarchy, he became the High Dioedic Seat of Shemaeir, ousting his father.

To this day, they younger Byren keeps the family name to irritate his father; as further insult, his father was retained as the second Dioedic seat of Shemaeir.  Although most would describe him as a kind man, Byren D'Arleyn is also a hard man who uses the weight of his position to further the causes of the Temple.

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Byren of House D' Arleyn
High Diamendred of Shemaeir, Second Dioedic Seat of Shemaeir

Human, 0 Level Merchant, LN

Shemaeir, Confederacy of Sheinar

The eldest member of the Dioed, the patriarch of House D'Arleyn was also the High Dioedic Seat of Shemaeir until being ousted by his son.   He is a hard and stern man who never acknowledges that the younger Byren is his son.  As the High Diamendred of Shemaeir, he continually attempts to regain the High Seat - all to no avail; the power of the temple hierarchy is much too strong in Shemaeir.
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Jai' Ren of House BlaŤwrough
First Thread of the Tapestry of the Weavers, Conmaeir
Diamendred of Conmaeir, High Dioedic Seat of Conmaier

Human, 7th Level Ancellary SpellWeaver, NE

Conmaeir, Confederacy of Sheinar

At first glance the First Thread is a handsome, charming, and friendly man, but as one peers deeper it becomes obvious that this facade hides a cunning and manipulative man.  With little compassion or empathy for others, he is a strict enforcer of law, protocol and procedure  when it suits his purposes.  His main goal, however, is his own advancement. He uses people as tools, and has little connection to them beyond what they can do for him.Yet, his charming demeanor often blinds others to these traits.
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Talia of House El' Yardh
Diamendred of Dhurban, High Dioedic Seat of Dhurban

Human, 0 Level Merchant, LN

Dhurban, Confederacy of Sheinar

Raised in a world were social class is the key to existence and change is harshly frowned upon , Talia of Houe El' Yardh is a strict enforcer of the law.  Like Jai' Ren, she cares little for the needs of the people, but in her case it is not due to a selfishness; she simply is unaware of the masses and their needs.  She believes what she is doing is right and sees no need to determine the consequences of  decisions.  Some believe that if she did, she would not make the kinds of decisions she does.
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Covin of House Sakedeur
Diamendred of Faeil Dar,  High Dioedic Seat of Faeil Dar

Human, 8th Level Bard, NG

Faeil Dar, Confederacy of Sheinar

A loud and dramatic man, most of the other members of the Dioed consider Covin Sakedeur a fop.  To the degree that he enjoys his pleasures as most Faeil Darians do, he is a fop to an extent. However, when a job needs doing, he becomes tenacious.  Generally a kind hearted man, he has a tendency to respond impulsively to situations, making decisions by whim rather than reason.
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Orwen Aelinred
Paedre Dom of the Sanctity of Kendun, The Holy Palm of ∆ol
Diamendred of Kendun, High Dioedic Seat of Kendun

Human, 12th Level Claerec, NG

Kendun, Confederacy of Sheinar

Once a member of the Fist of ∆ol, Orwen Aelinred left the military order to join the temple hierarchy.  Today, as the Holy Palm of ∆ol, he is the most powerful man in the temple hierarchy.  From the palace of the of Holy Palm in the Sanctity of Kendun, he makes proclamations and mandates that govern all the faithful. With the backing of his position, he is the most powerful member of the Dioed.
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AlÍth a' Cyrsolia
Second Hand of Clan Ar' EralŗeÁ
Ar' AthŚni Representative, Dioedic Advisor on Ar' AthŚni Affairs

Elven, 3rd Level Druid, NG

Clan Ar' EralŗeÁ

Little is known of this quiet young woman.  Without an actual vote or any power in the Dioed, she is always present at the meetings.  She rarely speaks unless asked to comment or if an issue will have a significant impact on her people.


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